About This Website

Pat Collins’s remains have now been identified; they were found on the outskirts of Port Henry, New York, in June 1988 and identified on August 10, 2013, which would have been Pat’s 54th birthday. Read my C-Ville Weekly article on the discovery here.

This website was created to accompany my 25th anniversary coverage of the 1986 disappearance of Patrick Collins, who was a graduate student at the University of Virginia, and the subsequent actions of the UVA Police Department, UVA administration, and FBI. The article was published in The Hook‘s March 24, 2011, print edition.

Thanks and best wishes,
Barbara Nordin
Warm Springs, VA

8 responses to “About This Website

  1. Excellent work to everyone. I was a UVA police officer at the time Patrick went missing. Glad to see these cases come full circle. I hope the family can find peace.

  2. Listening to WNRN 11/17/2013. Marvelous work! Me, 78 y/o, UVa 1962, Case: unaware till now.

  3. my goodness….. I am praying for new news…. miraculously cases get solved….. looking forward to learning what I can about this…and sending love and prayers the families way…. what happened to maria….

  4. I was a grad commerce student in 1992-3. So easy to disappear in Charlottesville, the focus is on study and not socializing. Mem Gym did creep me out and I did not know why.

    My first week there, someone was shot. I heard gunshots often originating from the other side of the tracks.

  5. Very interesting! Looking forward to updates!

  6. Margaret Ragle

    Looks great! I am eagerly awaiting Wednesday’s article. Perhaps someone will come forward based on your persistent and excellent attention to this case.

  7. Great work Barbara, I look forward to reading more.

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