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  1. Michael Corrado

    A friend of mine on Facebook mentioned the WNRN talk…

    I’ve known about Pat’s case for years and years but have never known if I should interject. There is a curious fact about those times, which may mean nothing at all, and I’ve been loath to lead anyone down a blind alley.

    I was a waiter at the College Inn back then, though, and if Pat was working at the hospital, it is very likely I waited on him, since the College Inn is right across University Avenue and hospital workers were frequent customers.

    Back then, I’d get off work at the College Inn late at night then meet waiters and waitresses from various restaurants at Howard Johnsons, because it was open 24 hours, and it was a place to get a late meal. I remember seeing a guy there, late at night, who was a construction worker at the hospital, which I knew because the guys he was with I knew to be construction workers at the hospital.

    At about the time of Pat’s disappearance, I took a flight to New York to visit friends and happened to notice in the airport a clipboard that held lots of photos of the FBI’s wanted list. I looked over the photos out of curiosity, just trying to pass time. The guy I saw in Howard Johnsons was in that photo collection, though. To describe my certainty, I’d say 100 percent. I was so confident that I phoned the FBI from the airport, but I got put on hold, then couldn’t wait any longer or else I’d miss my flight. After that, I didn’t try calling again.

    I’ve always wondered if maybe Pat saw that photo, too, and confronted the guy. That would be one possible explanation. I can’t remember the exact time – if Pat had disappeared already, or if that was yet to happen.

    I have a clear memory of the guy’s appearance, so if this should strike anyone as a possible new lead, I could look at photos from that time period and still be able to identify the guy. He had white hair that stood up (wavy but not wiry), about an inch long, a big toothy smile, smooth white skin,. I have wondered about it for so long that I still have a clear image in my mind.

    I really don’t want to lead anyone askance, but this has been nagging me for years. Could this be a connection? The guy wanted by the FBI was supposed to be dangerous. Please, I don’t want to give anyone a false sense of direction. This could be nothing. I was just so positive that the guy in the FBI photo sheet was the guy I’d seen in Charlottesville that I have to wonder if there could be a connection.

    Michael Corrado

    • Michael, this is fascinating!!! Pat had a post office box at the 11th Street branch, and I used to used that one a lot when I worked at the medical center. The Most Wanted pictures, as I remember, were posted right where you waited in line–I studied them many, many times. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pat did, too. ???

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